Don´t you just love it?

To my best friend. Or one of them.Or, if nothing else, to someone I used to know.And used to know me.

Is a fine invention,
it allows me to talk endlessly to you
about nothing
diguising my intentions,
which I'm afraid my friend,
are wildly untrue.

It's a sleight of hand, a white soul band,
the heart attacks I'm
convinced I have
every morning upon waking.

To you I'm a symbol, or a monument,
your rite of passage to
fulfillment, but I'm not
yours for the taking.

But you are what you love,
and not what loves you
So I guess that's why you
keep calling me back.

I'm a fraudulent, a thief at best,
a coward who paints a bullshit canvas
things that will never happen to me.

I'm in love with illusions,
so saw me in half.
I'm in love with tricks
so pull another rabbit
out of your hat.

y para acompañar el poema algunas fotografías de heartdew

2 comentarios:

jackerblaster dijo...

la segunday la cuarta parecen tijuana de noche desde mi ventana y la ultima es mas o menos como quiero el clima donde viva, las demas fotos tambien estan exelentes. y el poema, dime. Es tuyo?, maravilloso por cierto...

Samara dijo...

que padres fotos de heartdew, que es eso? una persona un lugar quee.. jaja podroa googlearlo pero prefiero que tu me digas jaja.. oye hace poco fui a tijuana y saque una foto.